Why You Need A Self Pleasure Practice

Self- pleasure tends to be one of the most hush- hush topics of conversation among women, yet it’s also the answer to so many of our desires- a deeper connection with our body, a more exciting sex life with our significant other, better sleep, a smoking hot sex drive… and that’s just to name a few.

“So if self- pleasure is so important, why is nobody talking about it?” Great question, my friend. The answer to that is long-winded and deep-rooted, and a better topic of discussion for a rainy day… or a gender/sex equality class lecture. But rather than getting into the heavy conversation of why the importance of self-pleasure for women is rarely talked about, let’s equip you with the knowledge of why it’s important for YOU to have a self-pleasure practice of your own.


1. Your lateral orbitofrontal cortex is less active during sexual activity. Decreased activity of this part of your brain has long been associated with decreases in fear and anxiety.

2. Your brain releases a surge of dopamine when you have an orgasm. This special hormone is responsible for feelings of pleasure, desire, and motivation.

3. Orgasms spark the release of a hormone called oxytocin, which is responsible for your feelings of love and affection.

4. On top of oxytocin, your pituitary gland also signals the release of endorphins, which are associated with pain reduction.

And for those of you who are like me and believe in all the “woo woo” energy business, here’s my favorite reason for having a self- pleasure practice of my own:


So as you expand your ability to experience pleasure, you are also expanding your ability to abundantly receive. It is one of my favorite and most potent tools in my tool box for success to combine self-pleasure and manifestation. Because energy is everything. It’s why you feel gross being around negative people and why you feel high on life when you’re around people who are positive and uplifting. You are feeling their energy. So just know that it’s very real and by combining pleasure and abundance at the same time, you are multiplying your energetic efforts.

**Pro tip: keep what I just said in mind the next time you head to your bedroom and start indulging yourself. And ya know...maybe as you’re getting ready to climax, just picture yourself driving up to your dream house in your dream car with your dream lover in the passenger seat. Get those abundant manifestation juices flowing with pleasure, sis. 

Given everything we talked about as far as what occurs during sexual activity and orgasms, both physiologically and energetically, I hope you can see why having a healthy sex life is important. And I’m not talking in terms of your sex life with another person… I’m talking about your sex life with yourself. Yes, it’s great to experience all of the above with somebody else, but your ability to experience pleasure, calm your body and mind, and manifest your heart’s burning desires does not get to be dependent on your access to another human being that you actually feel comfortable and safe enough to have sex with.

It’s time you stop thinking of pleasure as something you can’t experience without someone else, and/or something to be ashamed of if you give it to yourself. Start realizing that your pleasure is actually your very own magical power, available for you to access whenever you choose. Now doesn’t that feel good?

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