Sirena Musing on Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

We find ourselves, coming back home and diving even deeper into what we need to tend to. We have found ourselves swimming below the surface of our lives as the Sun travels through Cancer and Mercury Retrogrades from 14 to 5 degrees beginning on June 18th and completing on July 12th. Cancer is the first time we travel through a water sign in the Zodiacal wheel, hence the first time we move out of the head and into the underwater cave of the heart and begin to allow ourselves to feel. Feel into our bodies, our emotions, our hearts, and our homes. We’ve been out of our minds, in our minds, and it is time to get out of the mind and into the heart womb. The moon rules Cancer, and cancer rules the maternal energy we give and receive in our lives. Mercury is the messenger of the stars, the one who communicates, the one who listens, analyzes, processes, accumulates and assimilates information. With Cancer ruling the core of our body; our chest, breast, and stomach, our center of vulnerability we are able to take a NECESSARY break from over-consuming and digest the past before we charge ahead. This allows us to be present in creating and alchemizing our desired future by way of the higher heart and mind before we ingest another round.

When any planet retrogrades, it is an underworld journey into the depths of our souls. A sacred opportunity to pause, process, and purify. We can allow the oceanic flow and tides of Cancer to wash over us and cleanse us of the mental ties that bind and block the heart from being the center of our human experience. I believe the ocean to be the greatest expression of Mother energy on our planet, her waters are the womb that house the collective heart, our treasure chest full of rubies. This Mercury Retrograde is gifting us with the task of looking honestly into our Mother wounds as a species and as individuals and softening to what we have endured. 

Assessing and unpacking our ancestral familial lineage as well as our origins as human beings. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can assist us in becoming intentionally curious and inquisitive. It is a perfect time to begin to openly and honestly dialogue with our internal world. Where have we been abandoned, thus, where have we abandoned ourselves? Where have we been internally injured, thus, where have we internally injured ourselves? With love and awareness, we can ask ourselves the hard questions and listen without judgment, blame, or persecution. There comes a time in our lives when we can no longer be victim to our family of origin and life foundations. There comes a time when we must learn to Mother ourselves and our fragmented inner children so we don’t become the persecutor projecting our pain bodies.

Tarot Medicine for Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, 5 of Pentacles. As always the Tarot is right on time.  In soul oriented Tarot, pentacles are our soul made manifest in the earthly 3rd dimensional realm. The number 5 is the place of contraction that leads us to expand to be born anew. Born anew in the heart-centered 5th Dimension. As one unified human family, we are at the place in physical birth they call -- transition. The final contractions that come before we start pushing, the place where we most likely want to throw in the towel and completely give up from exhaustion, from pain, and most especially from fear. 

In our personal and collective past we have been misguided maternally and paternally. Led by our ancestral and familial wounds, a false sense of control, codependency, and societal belief systems that teach us that putting others before ourselves makes us a good and kind person. We can no longer leave ourselves out in the cold emotionally fatigued. We can no longer energetically deplete ourselves caring for and nurturing everyone in spite of ourselves. We can no longer use this as a form of distraction and bypassing. It is much like when you get on an airplane and the flight team is reviewing the safety protocol before take-off, you’ve got to put your mask on first before you can help anyone else. Trauma is inherent to the human experience, no one is spared. The Goddess, the Matriarch has been veiled for over 12,000 years. 

We are a society governed by a damaged Patriarchy and an oppressed Matriarchy. If we want to save our planet, our underprivileged, our abused, and misguided, we must first turn within and identify where we weren’t properly raised on interdependence and unconditional love. We must unpack our own hurt before we can take on the worlds’. The time is now to Mother yourself back to life, clear out the old and make way for a brand new you and a brand new world founded on sovereignty and divine love. It is time to let the original blueprint of earth make its way to the surface, it is time to unveil the Goddess and the Mother within. That is where the magic is. That is where we will collectively birth the Divine Masculine Patriarchy, through the Divine Feminine, the home of Cancer. The crab is the symbol of Cancer. We can imagine ourselves like little soft shell crabs shuffling from one shell to another. We have outgrown our former shell, but are still side-stepping to our new and improved protective container completely naked and exposed. And, just like crabs, we aren’t able to take the direct route to our destination. We are walking sideways to get there, and it can be maddening, but we will get there. It will be worth it.

With intimacy and interdependence.



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