001 Essentials of Summer - Black Owned Beauty Brands

The black community influences almost everything in pop culture and style worldwide. The influence in the world of beauty, specifically, has been unparalleled. Gorgeous multi-toned wigs, extensions, acyclic nails, the list goes on… Black people are often not recognized in the same way for creating these trends, and often do not profit financially from them. This is why it's so important to support Black businesses and the creatives who are actually creating these international trends. For that reason, we're shouting out some of our favorite Black-owned beauty brands to support this summer and throughout the whole year.

Hyper Skin

Hyper Skin creator Desiree Verdejo had such a wealth of beauty knowledge after opening the equivalent to Sephora for women of color — a beauty boutique in Harlem, New York, called Vivrant Beauty. She was dealing with hormonal breakouts and the dark marks it was causing and homed in on what was missing from her collection in her shop. Hyper Skin launched with a single product, the Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, which combines 15 percent vitamin C and vitamin E to clear away hyperpigmentation.

TPH by Taraji

From the actor, Taraji P. Henson, comes a line of hair products made specifically for black hair in mind. She created the line after years of not-so-great experiences with stylists who didn't know how to work with her Black hair, she created her own line which spans across scalp care, cleansers, treatments, and stylers for all hair types — natural hair, wigs, installs, braids, locs, straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair.

Ayele & Co.

Licensed esthetician and makeup artist Danielle Bahi started Ayele & Co., formerly known as Bahi Cosmetics, to provide affordable, plant-based skincare for all. If you struggle with acne -  the Sunflower Sweets Serum it a cult fav.

Pattern Beauty

Tracee Ellis Ross launched her own hair-care line for people with curls ranging from 3B to 4C textures. Pattern Beauty spans across cleansing, conditioning, treating, tools and accessories. Along with being reasonably priced, its shampoo and conditioners come in three different sizes (starting at $9 for three-ounce bottles).

Oui the People

Karen Young, founder of Oui the People, was forbidden from reading beauty magazines growing up. She set out to make a beauty brand that was committed to watching the language used in marketing, showcase flaws are beautiful, and “beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of our psyche”. “Rather than pursuing flawlessness, we aim to build efficacious products, designed thoughtfully, that help you feel great in the skin you’re already in”. Their razors are gorgeous.

KNC Beauty

Kristen Noel Crowley launched her beauty brand three years ago with a collection that includes lip and eye masks as well as lip scrubs and balm. When she discovered there were no natural lip masks on the market, the solution was obvious: she had to create her own. Her lip mask is a game changer.

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